A twist on the tycoon game formula

Want to learn more about what is Blooming Business: Casino? Our Creative Director, Paul, is here to show you the way! Happy reading.

Blooming Business: Casino,

a twist on the Tycoon Formula.


Hello, Owners, nice to e-meet you all !

My name is Paul and I am very lucky to be the Creative Director for Blooming Business: Casino. I would like to introduce you, as fans of management games, to our take on this age-old tycoon formula. Come on along & see what we’ve been cooking just for you !

In Blooming Business: Casino, you will embody the Owner of a Casino…

Your goal will be to build the place just how you like it.

You could go on a quest to build the most profitable of all Casinos, or maybe build one that caters only to the richest stars ? Whatever your objective, you will be able to customize your Casino to the full extent, from the painting on the walls to your staff’s uniform. Of course your employees are going to play a huge role in running your Casino. Let’s talk a little bit about all this today.

First of all Casinos make money when their players lose. That’s logical. But did you know that Casinos also make money when you win ?

You see there is this nifty thing called the House Edge that I want to tell you about :

Let’s say we are playing a nice game of Heads or Tails. In this scenario, I am the Casino and you are the Client. You choose to bet 1 buck on Heads. There is 1/2 chances for you to win. I throw the coin and… Heads ! You win ! Now in a normal world, since you bet 1 buck and you had 1 chance out of 2 of winning, I should give you 2 bucks ! This is what’s called True Odds, but the Casino doesn’t reward you the full True Odds, only a certain percentage of it. For example, if the House Edge is 5%, in the same situation where you won after betting 1 buck on Heads, I will only give you back 95% of 2 bucks, which is … 2 x 0.95 = 1.9 bucks !

So even if you win in a Casino, as long as you spend enough time playing, you will always end up losing all your money. That’s why Casinos would hate for you to go leave right after a jackpot. Furthermore, there is a big tendency for humans to think of luck as something that comes and goes in streaks.

Casinos are more rational.

That is the key where Blooming Business: Casino is different from other tycoon games.

Those games usually tend to revolve around building an efficient system that processes agents as fast as possible while charging as much as possible, and all the while keeping agents happy.

In your Casino however, you are supposed to keep people for as long as you possibly can, just to be sure that you’ve squeezed them as much as possible. And that is our main tool in creating an interesting experience for you, the players ! Our agents have a range of needs from thirst & comfort to of course… Fun !

You will have to build the premises with all of this in mind. Make sure your clients are having fun, and have an easy access to amenities so that they can stay for as long as they want (which tends to be a mix of high fatigue & lack of fun).

This change at the base of the tycoon formula may not seem so big when said like this, but it’s the small twist on which we are building everything else in Blooming Business : Casino!

Now that you know exactly how Casinos make money and how that impacts the Tycoon formula, don’t hesitate to come and tell us what you think, either on our Discord, Instagram or on Twitter ! We would love to answer any questions you might have as well!

A bientôt, Owners!