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About Blooming Business: Casino

Run the casino, rig the system, handle the drama.

Design, build and run your own retro casino in a bustling world where the sky’s the limit.
In our tycoon game, work alongside cute animals who are anything but cuddly. Make sure to maximize client and visitor satisfaction while juggling their increasingly complicated demands.
Inspired by the rise of Las Vegas in the 1950s, explore a fantasy world and take your place from a small operation to a grand success!

Learn the casino specific economy

Keep visitors as long as you can while making sure they remain happy

Build up your A Team

Surround yourself with experienced Pit Bosses who have a real capacity for evolution

Discover snazzy customization option

Design the casino of your dreams inspired by the rise of Las Vegas in the 1950s

Create and share your content

Share with the community and benefit from what others create to expand this elegant and gleeful world

What kind of casino boss are you?

A different kind of casino, filled with personality

Meet the charming personalities of VIP visitors. Connect with them and learn their backstories, needs, goals and desires.

Specialize your casino and adapt your management in order to cater for the VIP’s craziests pet peeves. When handling star power, choosing who to woo and which to ditch will make you rich!

Discover your management style

Decide how you want to manage your capricious staff and clients, from controlling every detail to have an eagle-eye on every aspect of the business.

Let your employees do their work or directly intervene on the floor. Throw out drunk customers, kick broken machines to repair them, and make chips rain to see your customers burst with joy!

Make your own choices

Casinos are eventful places, they attract interesting characters. But how will you handle the unfolding drama of your casino floor?

Your management style, your commercial strategy and your choices of external… allies, will trigger different narrative events and it will be up to you to decide what to do!

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