Introduction to our game areas and special employee!

Feature highlight: We introduce you to our game area and special employee: The Pit Boss!

In our Tycoon game, build your A team!


It’s Paul again, the fellow lucky enough to be the Creative Director for Blooming Business : Casino! I sincerely hope you are well, dear readers. Today I would like to talk about our vision for the building brick of any good casino tycoon game: game areas and the people running the Casino for you, those you need to count on, your people, your crew, your A team: the Pit Bosses.

The areas’ basics for our tycoon game

Now, during the last demo events, many players have told us they would prefer more freedom in setting up their areas. Well, we will be changing how areas work in the future: we want you to build areas just how you want, so you’ll be able to draw your own!

Game area basics and specialization

A small recap on the basics of casinos : the longer you stay, the more money they make. You think you might earn back some of your gambles but given enough time, casinos will always win back what they gave you. Now in Blooming Business : Casino, you will have to adapt your game areas to your clients. While some will prefer smaller bet amounts, others will be attracted to games with expensive bets.

So as a casino owner, you will need to take this into account when building and specializing your areas! For example :

  • “Boxman role” : Setting up a craps table with a second employee to speed things up might not pair well with small bets. Clients will play more games in a given timeframe (making you more money) but maybe that won’t be enough to cover the second employee’s salary, putting you in the red !
  • “One Armed Bandit Maintenance” : Slot machines can be set up to be maintained less often, lowering your operating costs, but saving on an additional janitor might come around to bite you when all your machines break down at the same time !

Decoration : Beauty & Theme

How your clients perceive your areas is very important. Clients will tend to enjoy any type of beauty, they will pay special attention to themes. Every single object in the game has a number of tags that clients can sense (Exotic, space, ancient Greece… ). Some clients really enjoy the ‘exotic’ tag so they will be drawn to areas with many tikki objets and spend more time there ! However if they can’t play because that area is already full, they will leave without spending any money and give you a bad review!

So in the future you will need to pay attention to what clients want and provide just that. Of course, if you want to create a casino just the way you want, you can.

Here comes the Pit Boss!

and it’s a CAT 🐱🐱🐱. See their cute skin variations?

First of all, in our game there are two types of employees : the normal ones, numerous, reliable but not really able to evolve that much. And when your Casino becomes *big*, you will have dozens of normal employees. As the Owner, you just won’t have time to take care of everyone. That’s where the second type of employee comes in : the Pit bosses will be real characters, with a lot of personality, a real capacity for evolution and tricks that will make them essential to any successful Casino Owner.

Pit Boss’ progression / bonuses!

In time, your Pit Bosses will acquire experience. It will allow you to specialize them exactly how you want to so that they will give exactly the right bonuses to your Casino floor and play right into your hand. In the demos we teased them. We had three pitboss bonuses :

  • Reliable Slot Machines : Slots in the area wear down a lot more slowly, and so don’t need to be repaired as much.
  • Sleight of Hand : Blackjack tables in the area give back less chips to clients when they win, making more money for you.
  • Loaded Dice : Clients playing craps in the area have 10% more chance to lose big.
Narrative events & drama!

Don’t lose sight of one thing though: betrayal always comes from those you trust. As I mentioned just above, Pit Bosses are real characters and they will be the actors of many of the narrative events that we have in Blooming Business: Casino. Maybe they are particularly strong and will not think twice about dropping a poor sod in the desert for you. However, they might just as well hate a particular regular and ask you not to let them come back, or even ask for a raise! Of course, you’re the boss, boss. But you will have to live with your choices and their consequences.

That’s our vision for the building brick of any good casino tycoon game! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tidbit, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this particular feature because I believe that you will grow to love your Pit Bosses and I can’t wait to hear all the stories you will live with them at your side !

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