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Let’s talk a bit about what’s cool in a Tycoon game: Customization!

Hi Owners!

Nice to meet you, I’m Pierre Mervaillie, Art Director at Homoludens! I’m responsible for all the visual elements and the cute animals! Today we’re gonna talk a bit about what’s cool in a Tycoon game: Customization!

We all have the desire to build our own cosy little place that just pleases both the clients and yourself! In Blooming Business: Casino we want to offer cute furniture to play with. We want you to design “a casino at your taste”.

50’s Inspirations and references

Of course, as we are in the 1950’s and 1960’s, we will be careful to keep the very specific look of the era: between 1950 and 1960, american society changed a lot, design liberated itself and focused on producing beautiful products not only for an elite but “for everyone”. At the same time, fashion and new ideas overflowed, producing lots of very memorable objects and themes : Tiki, Space Age etc.

Here is a mood board of pictures from this era. It was our inspiration for the creation of our ingame decorative items.

Experiment with our various customization themes

Most of your decorations are focused on the interior of the Casino, where the clients will be (hopefully) spending most of their time. Objects will be part of Sets so you can quickly build a mood to go along your attractions (Slot Machines, BlackJack Table,…). Explore the exotic (but oh so fake) Tiki set to give a sense of wilderness, or shoot to the stars with the “Space Age” with its (then) modern and slick look. If you want to have a more classic vibe, get the most recent antiquité that probably comes either from Greece or Minnesota.

Here are the different themes that we already implemented in the game.

And different ways to decorate these little corners.

Beauty and decoration impact gameplay

Of course, Clients on your Casino will be quick to notice your taste as an interior decorator. The “Beauty” System that we have in Blooming Business: Casino will influence the mood of the animals clients who will spend more time (and money!) in a beautiful Casino where they feel at ease.

This is the current view you get while using the Beauty System.

Not everyone likes the same things though and some of your clients will prefer a calm and peaceful ambiance and others a more dancing and noisy place, you have to be careful to place and design your zones to fit the traits of the animals. In more details, your Casino will also draw interest from specific types of Client: Tourists, Mobsters or Miners will share the same taste and interest around your Casino. You want to be careful about your decoration to attract or discourage them to come!

As many of you shared their love for the customization opportunities in the game and we know it’s a key element in the GamePlay of a Tycoon game, we want in the future to expand the possibilities in Blooming Business Casino. Here are some of the things we’re considering in our roadmap!

I really enjoy the art, animation, and the different themes to objects and decor! It is very charming.

  • Of course, we will be adding new customization sets to explore cool themes!
  • Opportunities to switch the colors of the casino games (slot machines,…)
  • Customization of the building appearance (from wallpaper colors to carpet colors…)
  • Finally, modding will be a big part of the game experience, and we expect many awesome things coming from players!

And voilà!

Of course, we will be listening to your feedback and we’re happy to gather your thoughts and suggestions. Give us your thoughts on our customization approach: Items, Themes… Let us know what you would like the most!

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See you soon! Pierre,