Blooming Business: Casino opening in May 2023

Watch our brand new trailer!

Blooming Business: Casino will release on Steam in 2023!

Why beat the house when you can be the house? Your VIPs will help you set your reputation. Experience all the glitz and glamour in our demo starting today! Bosses are you ready? We’re very proud of our brand new trailer, showcasing our VIPs and different casinos!

New demo playable now on Steam

The new demo is available right now on Steam.

We added 3 brand new levels where you will meet a host of our charismatic VIPs Tony and Nat!

You recently earned your spurs in the eyes of your bear friend… His family wants more from you though — a large amount of money, for starters, but also respect, loyalty… and fear, it’s the least you could do. Fortunately, you’re in Tony’s good books and he wants to teach you a few more tricks of the trade.

Level 1 : Insert Coin
Ending up in the desert at the edge of Las Venas wasn’t part of your plan… To its credit, this damn bus took you up to this dusty casino in front of you. Maybe fate is waiting for you around a table game area, who knows? With your heart filled with hope and your last dime in your hand, you’re entering a creaky casino in the desert to try your luck on a slot machine.

Level 2 : A Cog in the Mob
So you got your very own casino, but also inherited its debts in the process… Now you have Tony on your arse. He gives you an outdated casino at the edge of the desert for you to run. The place is rather quiet… a haven of peace for mobsters who need to get rid of “scraps” and “offcuts”. Make this place comfy enough to attract Tony’s lackeys and give them some good time.

Level 3: Welcome to Welfaradise!
Thanks to Owlner, you now owe a tidy sum to the city council of Las Nevas… Fortunately enough, Nat has a job for you: a casino is due to open in the suburb to bring “opportunities” up… The mayor calls it “a welfare program”…

See you soon, don’t forget add the game to your wishlist. Blooming Business: Casino will release on Steam in 2023!

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